Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Pet's Wellness?

Have You Been Told
'There's Nothing More To Be Done' For Your Pet?

Does your pet have difficulty moving?

Do they have chronic dis-ease (skin or gastro-intestinal issues) that nothing seems to ease?

 Is your pet overweight or obese?

  Have you gotten the terrible news
that your pet has cancer?

We love our pets - they're our family members!

When our fur babies become ill, pet parents often feel helpless and scared. Sadly, we can feel guilty that it was our lack of knowledge that contributed to their health challenge.

With proper understanding of the body's biology and addressing the root cause of dis-ease, our animals can live their longest and healthiest life.

 There Are Solutions Outside Of The Conventional Model!

It's Time For A Paradigm Shift!

Dr. Marlene Siegel has crafted an on-demand 3 hour course, broken down into 7 classes that takes pet parents on a deep dive to understand their pet's biology and how they can best support their pet to achieve a life of thriving, not surviving.

Early detection using advanced diagnostics allows us to rectify imbalances, preventing the development of dis-ease.

The key to health and longevity comes from working with the body's biology, supporting a healthy microbiome, and maintaining good digestion - All this along with an abundance of energy production from the mitochondria is the formula for thriving. 

Practice Health Care, Not Broke Care

The Empowered Pet Parent Course Covers....

Species Appropriate Diet

Diet is the key to any animal's health, discover which is best for your pet.


Learn when it's right to supplement diets in order to help support bodily functions.


Toxins can enter the body any number of ways, it's important to properly detoxify regularly.

Proper Diagnostic Testing

From toxins to nutritional deficiencies - proper diagnostic testing helps identify areas of dis-ease.

In depth coverage of detoxification for all 6 organs of elimination AND tools and treatments that pet owners can utilize at home!

No One Wants To See Their Pet Suffer!

Veterinarians WANT their patients to be healthy and thrive, but the fact remains, that our fur baby population is the sickest of any generation in the history of domestic pets.

Dogs today are living 7 years shorter than they did 20 years ago-
despite the fact that we have a pill for every ill and a diet for every disease!

1:1.65 dogs are suffering with cancer

1:3 cats are suffering with cancer

If we include other chronic degenerative diseases like arthritis, allergies, autoimmune disease and obesity, nearly 100% of dogs and cats have 1 or more of these conditions.

By the time we recognize symptoms, the dis-ease may already be advanced.
Did things really happen overnight or have we missed the early warning signs?

  Have you been dealing with chronic relapses?
You go to the vet, get medicine, the symptoms go away and then come back with a vengeance.

Have you been told 'There's nothing more that can be done'?
You've done the antibiotics, the steroids, the chemo/radiation/surgery and it has failed to resolve the dis-ease.

Meet Dr. Marlene Siegel

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly 40 years.

20 years ago I had a life altering experience when my youngest daughter and my show horse were involved in a riding accident.

The horse saved my daughters life.  

In my quest to heal Lilly (our horse), traditionally trained veterinarians said they didn’t know what was exactly wrong with her but she was not safe to ride and would never be shown again. 

They had nothing to offer except retire her to a pasture or put her down.

That was unacceptable, there
had to be other options and I was determined to find them. I was forced to
seek alternative therapies.

My sheer determination to heal Lilly made me realize...

That just because "western medicine" had no solutions, there had to be something I could do for her. Seek and you shall find.

As I looked past the limitations of allopathic medicine....

 I found a vast world of safe and effective therapies, all in the holistic medical world.

I expanded my tool kit by integrating alternative therapies with western medicine when appropriate.

I took the best of both worlds and made something better, safer and more effective.

I now experience true healing for my patients for the first time in my career.

I continued to learn, grow and seek for more answers. Everything I learned I incorporated into my small animal practice.

I went from diagnosing symptoms (I call it the name it, blame it, treat it with a pharmaceutical) in an allopathic medical mindset to understanding the body's biology and where in those biochemical pathways we were causing damage, and where could we impact the system for improvement.

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I Believe Knowledge Is Power!

The only way to achieve the health outcomes we desire for ourselves and our fur babies is to regain our power and understand how the body works so we can make informed decisions.

I Think People Fail For Two Reasons:

1. Lack of Knowledge

2. Inability To Design And Implement A Sustainable Action Plan.

Sometimes we learn soooo much that it is overwhelming, we don’t know where to begin, so we do nothing to change. Or we make a change, things don’t go as planed and we give up, returning to the lifestyle that we are comfortable with, even though we know it is bad.

During the recent lockdowns from Covid, I was seeking a way to help more pet parents regain their “power” and be better advocates for their fur children. This lead to the creation of an on line pet parent health consultation.

Now Is The Time!

Take part in this on-demand 3 hour course to understand your pets biology and how you can best support your pet to achieve a life of thriving, not surviving.

Your course will be available for instant access after payment

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