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Expanding the tool kit to meet the complex nature of today's dis-eases

It's Time For A Paradigm Shift!

Dr. Marlene Siegel has crafted two on-demand courses:

The pet parent course will empower them with the knowledge and skills so their fur babies can achieve a life of thriving, not surviving.

The veterinary course provides the knowledge, an expanded toolkit and protocols to incorporate into their veterinary skill set to create an integrative practice.

No longer will anyone have to say "There's nothing more that can be done."
There's always something to offer!

The Empowering Pet Parent Course

This Course Covers....

Species Appropriate Diet

Diet is the key to any animal's health, discover which is best for your pet.


Learn when it's right to supplement diets in order to help support bodily functions.


Toxins can enter the body any number of ways, it's important to properly detoxify regularly.

Proper Diagnostic Testing

From toxins to nutritional deficiencies - proper diagnostic testing helps identify areas of dis-ease.

In depth coverage of detoxification for all 6 organs of elimination AND tools and treatments that pet owners can utilize at home!

The Integrative Veterinary Medicine Course

This Course Covers....

Expand Your Diagnostic Toolkit

Explore diagnostics beyond CBC, chemistry, urinalysis and x-rays.

Working With The Body's Biology

Learn how to turn on/off metabolic pathways that deal with health and longevity.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a mitochondrial dysfunction. Learn how to repair and enhance cellular communication, allowing the body to heal.

Provide More Options

No longer need to tell clients “There is nothing more we can do.” There's always something to offer, especially quality of life.

Traditional training focuses on naming and blaming then providing a pharmaceutical or surgery to treat the symptom.

Integrative medicine focuses on treating the root cause of the dis-ease.

Meet Dr. Marlene Siegel

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly 40 years.

20 years ago I had a life altering experience when my youngest daughter and my show horse were involved in a riding accident.

The horse saved my daughters life.  

In my quest to heal Lilly (our horse), traditionally trained veterinarians said they didn’t know what was exactly wrong with her but she was not safe to ride and would never be shown again. 

They had nothing to offer except retire her to a pasture or put her down.

That was unacceptable, there
had to be other options and I was determined to find them. I was forced to
seek alternative therapies.

My sheer determination to heal Lilly made me realize...

That just because "western medicine" had no solutions, there had to be something I could do for her. Seek and you shall find.

As I looked past the limitations of allopathic medicine....

 I found a vast world of safe and effective therapies, all in the holistic medical world.

I expanded my tool kit by integrating alternative therapies with western medicine when appropriate.

I took the best of both worlds and made something better, safer and more effective.

I now experience true healing for my patients for the first time in my career.

I continued to learn, grow and seek for more answers. Everything I learned I incorporated into my small animal practice.

I went from diagnosing symptoms (I call it the name it, blame it, treat it with a pharmaceutical) in an allopathic medical mindset to understanding the body's biology and where in those biochemical pathways we were causing damage, and where could we impact the system for improvement.

I Believe Knowledge Is Power!

The only way to achieve the health outcomes we desire for ourselves and our fur babies is to regain our power and understand how the body works so we can make informed decisions.

Now Is The Time!

Don't waste another moment on broke care.

Take advantage of these on-demand courses TODAY!

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